How to give your air the protein needs

As you know protein is the main ingredient of the hair strand so that protein sources are good for your hair. Getting the right amount of protein for your hair is also very important. If your diet lacks the protein then your hair will have to face the damage. You will experience a lot of hairless in that case. Even when the hair gets destroyed the protein is the only thing that can make your hair look better. But protein is not all you should be dependent on. There are many other products that you can use to make your hair recover from the damage. You can buy these products from online stores like Megorgeous.


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Proteins for your hair

Protein, as we know, is the basic part of the hair so that mean s it is very important. If you want your hair to look god then that means you need protein in your hair. Proteins need so the hair can have the proper structure, protein usually gets destroyed while styling and use of chemicals in your hair. You can replenish that protein in your body and hair by following things

Eat meat

Meat is the best source of protein. So if you want to get the protein in your body you should eat meat. Most of the people are afraid of the weight gain that they get after eating a lot of meat. But what you need to do is to eat the low-fat meat. While meat is basically low in fat and that is why you should be eating that. Eating meat doesn’t mean you have to make it part of your daily routine. But make sure to eat meat at least twice or thrice in the week.

Plant-based protein

Being a vegan doesn’t mean you don’t have any other sources to get the proteins, there are many plants based protein sources as well and you should be using that. The protein you will be getting from the pant source will be enough to give your body enough protein. These plant sources are the kale, broccoli, hemp seeds, green peas, whole grains, and lentils too.

DIY protein treatments

We all are aware of the protein treatments. But now you can get a protein treatment fast the home as well, for the protein treatment at home what you will need is as follows

  • Egg
  • Greek yogurt
  • Honey
  • Avocado

Mix all these ingredients and apply it on your scalp and hair for 30n minutes. Then rinse it off and cleanse your hair well. This is how you will be giving your hair the protein.

Protein massage

Protein massage can be given using the oils like the sweet almond oil and the chamomile oil. These oil massages will also be increasing the amount of nutrition to your hair. You can also warm up the oil before applying and massaging it into your scalp. This message will boost your scalp and will help in getting your hair enough protein as well.

Almond milk rinse

You can also try out the almond milk rinse for your hair. All the ingredients in the almond milk will give nutrition and mainly the proteins to your hair.

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