how to glue down eyebrows

Before you go finding the answer of how to glue down eyebrows you need to k ow why people do that. You must have seen a lot of the drag queens with eyebrows so high and you almost wonder how they get such eyebrows. Well they don’t have their eyebrows up high and they fake their eyebrows by hiding the original ones and that is exactly why you need to do that. You can get different eyebrow products and they are easily available on different online stores like Megorgeous. Following is the step by step guide on how can you glue down your eyebrows.


There are a few things that you will need when you have to glue down your eyebrows and the following are
some of them.
 Glue
 Concealer Purple colour
 Powder
 Brushes

You should get these things ready when you have to tape down your eyebrows.

Glue your eyebrows

To glue your eyebrows you definitely need to apply glue on your eyebrows and make sure all of the hair in your eyebrows is covered with it. Once that is done you need to brush out your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush and make sure you brush it upwards.

Powder your eyebrows

Powdering your eyebrows is a very important step and it is because so your eyebrows are not sticky
because of the glue and that will cause the problem while you are applying your makeup to cover it up.

Add a colour corrector

Now you need to add a colour corrector so that your eyebrows can be concealed easily and purple colour is the best option for you if you have the darker eyebrows. If you have blonde eyebrows then there is no need to do that.

Apply concealer

Now you have to apply a concealer that has good coverage and with that, your eyebrows are gone and it
looks very real and now you can draw your new eyebrows however you want.

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