Eyes are the most prominent part of your face which can look more beautiful by having the clean and neat eyebrows. The proper cutting of the eyebrows and its shape must be done in a proper way so that it can look more beautiful and make your eyes look more prominent and elegant. Everyone in this world
is beautiful in its own ways but still, everyone tries to look more beautiful and attractive than others so they try new and more amazing beauty hacks so that they can make themselves look more beautiful than any other person.

How to Glue Down Eyebrows

The first thing you have to do is to comb your eyebrows in the downward direction using mascara or any other type of brush which you can get from an online store. After that put the glue on the eyebrows and then comb your brows back in the upward direction and then again apply a thick layer of the glue on it. When the glue is set apply some powder on it and then again put some glue on it. Now apply some concealer on it according to your face color. Now you are all ready to try a new eyebrow on it.

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