How to grow out the pixie

With curly hair, you can’t achieve much of the hair length. But growing out your hair to any length can be quite tough at all with curly hair. That is why people avoid getting short hair cuts because they know it will be impossible to grow out of their hair. But a change in style is something everyone likes every once in a while. With some good tips n hair care products you are able to grow your hair out as well. That’s gives you the ability to get them cut short as well. Basically what you need are the best hair care products that you can buy from the online store Megorgeous.


Megorgeous is an online store with all the good products. You can buy all the products that you will be needing your curly hair. That includes not only the hair care products but the hair styling products as well. You can buy the products that can help with hair growth so you can get the short haircut that you have been wanting to get.

Getting a hair cut

Getting a haircut when you have long and curly hair usually takes a lot of thinking. That is s because you are about to lose your hair length which is very tough to grow back. So what you need to do is to make a plan beforehand on how you will be getting your hair length back. You must definitely do that when you have curly hair. Following are some of the things that you can do to grow your hair out of the short hair cut

No heat

The thing that you need to do the most is to avoid using heat in your hair at all. The amount of damage that heat causes to your hair is a lot. There is nothing as compared to the heated hat that can damage your hair this much. SO what you need to do when you want to grow out your hair is to avoid using heat.

No bleach

Bleach can also cause an insane amount of damage to your hair. So in order to avoid that kind of damage you need to avoid the use of this. Even if you wish to have long hair with the bleach then you will experience slow growth. So you should avoid dying your hair if you wish to have long hair in the future.

Stimulation of roots

If you want to get the perfect hair length you need to focus more on your roots. You need to stimulate the blood flow in your scalp so that more nutrition and blood flow to the roots can reach., This way your hair will be getting the proper nutrition they deserve. This can help the growth of your hair a lot.

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning can do a lot of good for your hair. So make sure you are deep conditioning your hair regularly. Even if you condition your hair regularly you need to deep condition your hair every once or twice in a week. This way your hair will be able to absorb more moisture inside.

Maintenance of shape

Maintenance of shape at the early stage can help you avoid the extra loss of length when you finally decide to give your hair some shape. Make sure you are getting regular trims otherwise irregular hair length will require you to cut a lot of hair.

All these things are very important when you have to grow out your hair. This is also very important for the everyday maintenance of your hair.