identify damaged hair

If you don’t know what the damaged hair looks like you won’t know if your hair is damaged or not. So you should be able to identify the damaged hair. There are some extents of the hair damage and most of the people don’t know until it’s too late. So what you need to do is to know what the hair damage looks like. You should first of all not let your hair reach that stage and you can do that by taking proper care of your hair. That includes using a lot of hair care products. You should know which product is good for your hair. When it comes to hair care products you should know where to buy them from. Nowadays you can easily make an online purchase from online stores like Megorgeous.


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Hair damage

Hair damage can occur because of a lot of reasons. The following are some of the signs that indicate hair damage and should help you adopt a haircare routine on time.

Split ends

Split ends definitely indicate the hair damage. The presence of the split ends will make your hair look voluminous at the roots and will look thinner at the ends. Split ends happen due to a number of reasons and that includes drying and the over manipulation of your hair. To avoid the split end you need to moisturize your hair more and also need to avoid heat styling your hair more. To get rid of these split ends the best that you can do is to trim them. In fact, you should make the habit of trimming some of your hair regularly. If you don’t want to get rid of the hair length then you can go for the dusting method instead.

Decreased elasticity

Elasticity is what allows your hair to be heat styled and return back to its natural state. This also decreases the hair breakage that you experience while detangling. To check your hair has proper elasticity you should wet your hair then stretch it a bit. If the hair gets stretched and then returns back to the normal state then it is in the healthy condition. But if the hair breaks without stretching then that means you need moisture in your hair. You can get more moisture in your hair by using moisturizing products. Now if the hair stretches but won’t return to its normal length then that means your hair is in the need of the protein treatment.

High Porosity

When your hair is going through hair damage then they will be highly porous. That is what happens as a result of heat or chemical damage. This is why they absorb more products than normal and they lose the moisture easily too. For the same reason, the color starts to fade away sooner than normal because when you cleanse your hair they will be cleansing some of the colors too.

Dry and brittle

Because of all the damage, the hair gets all dry and brittle and thus they break easily when you are detangling your hair. So the best you can do is to provide moisture to your hair.

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