straightened hairstyle

Even for the people who have accepted their natural curls, they like to straighten their hair every once in a while. So when you have to straighten your hair you want it to be perfect. Perfection when it comes to straightening your hair is hard when your hair is naturally curly. So even though you straighten your hair after some time they will start to return to their normal curl pattern. But nowadays a lot of hair products are available that will help you to the straight hair you want. You can buy such products from online stores or the local market. If you can’t find them anywhere then you will definitely be able to purchase it from online stores like Megorgeous.


Megorgeous is an online store where you can find almost any kind of hair product. That includes hair styling as well as hair care products. Among hair styling products you can find the products that fit perfectly to your hair type. Especially for people with curly hair, you will be able to find many products from this online store.

Straightening your hair

Straightening your curly hair requires a lot of heat and in doing so their get damaged as well. So if you are going through this process one time you might as well make them last longer, which includes the whole strategy and tricks that can keep your hair straightener for longer, this is also the best way to straighten your hair. Following are some of the things that you can do while straightening your hair


After getting a shower and drying your hair you shouldn’t get straight to straightening your hair. Instead, you should go through a pre-treatment first. The best thing that you can do for your hair is to provide then with the proteins before the hair straightening. This way less damage will happen to your hair and even after straightening your hair won’t look dead.

Use products

The use of products that have a good hold will help you a lot. Once you use these products your hair will stay in place after you have straightened them. Also, you want to have the perfect shine in your hair so you will be needing the hair products for that reason as well. If you want to apply these products on your hair you should do that when your hair is still wet. This way more absorption will be better since your cuticles will be open.

Air dry

If you want to avoid damage at all, you need to air-dry your hair. There are many techniques where you can straighten your hair without using the heat. You can wrap your hair around your head and then allow them to dry overnight. This will give your hair the straighter look. Even if you have to use heat you should dry your hair first. Wet hair in hair iron will cause more frizz.

Flat iron

Apart from all that the other methods the best wand fastest way is to use the flat iron. So make sure you are using the heat protectant on your hair, even with the flat iron you shouldn’t be using a lot of heat which may be damaging to your hair. The amount of heat depends on the thickness of your hair so make sure to keep that in mind.

Making them stay overnight

When you sleep the hair starts to curl back into their natural pattern. So you can braid them or use huge hair rollers to keep them straight. Do this instead of using heat as a touchup.

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