Having the good eyebrows means these eyebrows are not very pointy but sometimes when you are
done with your eyebrows you see that they look angry. Angry looking eyebrows are those that are very pointy and they need to go immediately because it is not the kind of effect your way on your face.
Having these eyebrows that don’t look good enough is very painful for some people do you should know
who can you get rid of them. Any type of eyebrows shape can be changed if you have the right tweezers,
thread and nice pair of scissors. All of these things can be bought easily from your local market and for
the best ones you can also look at any online store.

Pluck the pointy arch

When the pointy eyebrows are trimmed you should make sure to pluck a few strands of your eyebrow
hair from the pointy top arch and this way it will make your eyebrows look normal an comfortable as
compared to those angry eyebrows.


When you have plucked them you will have to comb your eyebrows in the upward motion and then cut
out any long hair that is present on the top.

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