Lips are the most prominent part of the body. That is the reason why the selection of your lip colour matters a lot. If you are wearing the wrong colour at the right time, with the right dress, then it will look really odd. Not only the colour matters a lot but also how to wear the colour in the right way matters a

How to wear a Lip colour

Using the right lip colour in the right way matters a lot. You can buy a lot of different lip colours from an online store that will suit you the best. But know how to wear those colours properly is also an art. For example, if you want to keep your lipstick for the whole day then put some base or foundation on your
lips so that the lips do not soak all the lip colour off of your face and it stays the all day long. You can also try the base or foundation only in the inner sides of your lips and then apply the lip colour on it; this will give your lips the lighter shade which looks pretty and attractive.

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