Having curly hair you want your curls to look voluminous because if your curls are flat there would be no point of getting such curls and they will look tired and weighed down. So to make sure that your curls look lively you need to add a little volume to your curls a following are the few methods by the help of which you can make your curls look voluminous.

Right hair cut

Most of the times when you have the wrong haircut and even a straight cut can weigh your curls down and you don’t want that. To get the bouncy curls you need to get the right haircut which well is decided to you by a good hairstylist.

Root fillers

You can also use the root fillers that lift up your roots and make your roots not look all flat. This will help your curls look voluminous. You can get different volumizing root filler from any online store like Megorgeous.


You can also do a plop which can be done by twisting your hair in the microfiber towel or a t-shirt and then just wrapping them up on the top of your head to dry.

Dry upside down

You can dry your hair upside down. You can use the diffuser and even the blow dryer while scrunching your hair and all of that can be done upside down so your roots can stay in the state and make your curls look full of volume.

Avoid buildup

Avoiding buildup is important because it can make your scalp and roots all cakey and that is why they can weigh down your hair.


Clipping or also known as O-clipping is the method in which you apply the clips to the roots to make your curls stand out and look voluminous.

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