How to make your flat looking hair more voluminous

When you have the curly hair you want them to look voluminous. Flat looking curly hair looks dull and Is not a look a curly-haired person wants to go for. How you treat your curly hair is dependent on how you treat your hair, if you treat your hair with god haircare your curls will look more defined and hence voluminous. But if you are not using the right method t style your curls then they will look flatter. To make sure that your hair is all good and healthy you have to follow a good hair care routine. this also includes having a good hairstyling technique. You can buy these products from online stores like Megorgeous.


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Make your flat curls voluminous

You can get the volume in your hair by following a few of the techniques. Following are some of those techniques

Curly hair cut

The hair cut is very important to enhance the texture of your hair. If you have the curly hair then there is a chance only a few haircuts look best on you. Some of the haircuts will make your hair look flatter because your curls are heavy. Sn in that ca you should go for the haircuts that will compliment your hair texture, you can get the help of your hairstylist for this reason. Make sure the hair cut you choose is good enough for you.

Plop your hair

Plopping your hair is another thing that will help you make your curls look voluminous. You can plop your hair by putting your wet hair in the t-short or a microfiber towel and toe them on the top. This will lift your roots a little bit. Making it the part of your hairstyling routine is very important.

Dry while your hair is upside down

Drying your hair when they are upside down is another method to make your hair look like they have more volume. This will lofty up your roots and that is very important for the curly hair. You should diffuse your curls or blow-dry them while they are upside down. This way you will be able to dry your hair quicker and will achieve the volume quicker too.


If you don’t blow dry or use any other method of heat drying your hair then there is still a way to lift your roots. You can do it with the help of the root lifters. These root lifters ae the clips that are attached to your curls on the roots. This will keep the root in the upright state. This way your wet curls won’t weigh themselves.

Root lifters

You can also the hair products like the root lifting spray. This will work even for the dry hair you have to spray buy your hair with them. These root lifters will help you get the volume that you desire in the shortest time. This doesn’t last as long as the other methods but you can do it frequently.

Get rid of the buildup

Most of the time even though you have the volume in your hair look all weighed down. The reason behind that is the product buildup and you need a good cleanser for.

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