No matter how hard we try to save our hair from hair but desperate times call for it. When you are in a hurry to go somewhere in cold weather you have to make sure you have to dry your hair before going. That can’t be done without the help of the hair dryers. So the bets that you can do is to protect your hair while blow-drying them. Most of the haircuts look the best with your hair blown dry and that is why you have to do it more often. And with curly hair, you are probably used to diffusing your curls to get better volume. There are many hair care products available online that can help you protect your hair from the intense heat. You can get these products from online stores like Megorgeous.


Megorgeous is one of the online stores where you can find a variety of hair care products. If you have the curly hair you will be able to find all hair care products related to your hair type. You can also find the skincare and makeup products from this store. The store will deliver these products at home and it allows you to shop these products in easiest way possible.

Blow drying your hair

As we already know that no matter how hard we protect our hair from heat blow-drying is something we have to do. Allowing your hair to air dry seems like a good choice when you have a lot of time at your hand and the weather is all warm. So the best you can do is to make sure you are giving your hair proper care if you blow-dry regularly. Following is what you need to do in order to make that happen.

Use a good blow dryer

If you dint already own a blow dryer the best thing now would be to invest in something good. You should use a blow drier that is of good quality and is good for your hair, some of the hair driers blast the intense heat to damage your hair. You don’t want that for your hair so it is better to buy one with good quality no matter the cost.

Deep condition

Moisture is something you need in your hair the most. So choose a deep conditioner so that your hair is getting good nourishment and deep conditioning. You should condition your hair regularly and make sure to deep condition at least one time a week. Even doing it every time when you regularly heat style your hair is important.

Shirt drying

Drying your hair with a shirt instead of a towel is a better thing to do. With the shirt, only excess water is absorbed. The moisture that your hair needs is still there and it will not leave your hair all dry and rough. Also with regular towels, your hair goes through a lot of friction, which is not good for your hair.

Heat protectant

A heat protectant is needed when your hair is going to go through some heat. Blow-drying definitely involves heat so you will have to use a heat protectant for that purpose.

Section your hair

Now when you are blow-drying your hair detangle them first. After detangling, you have to section your hair. Now hold each section and start drying your hair and keep it 4 -5 inches away from your hair.  So that you don’t get direct heat from the drier and also set it at the lowest setting

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