how to remove individual eyelashes

If you have gotten the individual eyelashes done by a salon that doesn’t mean you have to go there to
get it removed too because you can do it at home and to know how to remove individual eyelashes at home you need to know a few things. Individual eyelashes are applied by the help of an adhesive that
stays on for a week or two and if you have to keep them on then you will have to get them de again by
the saloon again in a week or two and if you want to get rid of them you will have to wait for that
duration so they are removed easily. This adhesive is so strong that you won’t lose these eyelashes with
any makeup remover and even washing your face because they stay on until their duration ends.

How to remove these eyelashes at home

Removing these eyelashes is home may seem like trouble but in fact, it is very easy. If you have makeup
on then remove it with a makeup remover and wash your face. Once done you can get some steam to
your face and allow it to soften the adhesive. It may take 10 to 15 minutes and once it is done the
eyelash adhesive is somewhat soft. Now you need to take a baby oil, olive oil or even coconut oil in a
cotton pad and you can buy these oils from any online store like Megorgeous. Allow the cotton pad to
stay on your eyes and hold it there for a few minutes. Then start wiping off and the eyelashes will come

What to avoid while removing these eyelashes?

You should never take the steam with your makeup on because it will open up the pores and it won’t
have a good effect on your skin. You also need to remove them with patience because if you rub it
harder you may also pull off some of your real eyelashes.

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