Individual eyelashes instead of the full eyelashes are becoming more and more common among the people because they look natural on your eyes. There are two types of the individual eyelashes and that include the temporary and semi-permanent lashes and both can be bought from any online store. The temporary eyelashes cab be removed after a day and the semi-permanent eyelashes stay on for a few weeks.

How to remove the temporary eyelashes

Temporary eyelashes are easy to remove and all you need for it is an oil-based makeup remover and of you, didn’t have that then you can apply coconut oil o the lashes with a cotton pad and that will help loosen up the adhesive with which it is attached to the eyelid.

How to remove the semi-permanent lashes

To remove these type of eyelashes you first have to cleanse your face with a cleanser and once that is done you can take some steam facial and that will help that lash adhesive to soften up. Once that is done you can now use some oil based makeup remover or a cotton pad soaked in the coconut oil and that will help remove the fake lashes very easily.

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