How to secure your hair under the wigs

Wearing wigs is in style these days and you can find a lot of the natural-looking hair wigs some of which are even made out of the original human hair. You can just use these wigs to change your style. If you have longer hair you can buy the shorter wig and you can even get the wigs in different colors if you are feeling a little adventurous. You can also style these hair wigs according to your need and can protect them with the hair care products made for them and you can buy these products from the online stores like Megorgeous. But buying a wig is not all you should learn and in fact, you should learn how to secure your original hair beneath it too.

Following are some of the ways you can secure your hair beneath the wig


Braiding your hair can be a very effective method and even though it will be visible with the low volume wigs with flat hair you can manage your hair well with these braids. If you plan on wearing the wigs for more than a few days then keeping your hair braided will also help you cleanse and moisturize your scalp.


Cornrows is also a very effective method when it comes to styling your hair beneath a wig. You can just secure them in the cornrows and the tails falling ca be secured under the wig in the back and that makes it look less bumpy and will give a smoother surface for the wig bit it will not be suitable when you have to cleanse your hair. Your hair is also protected well in this hairstyle. It is also easier to make as compared to braiding all of your hair in smaller sections.


You can also get your hair in the small twists. You can either go for the flat twists or the twit outs. Just make sure to even them out so they won’t look bumpy. The better way to make it look less bumpy is by making the twist outs of very small sections and them they spread evenly and give and even and less bumpy surface.

Wig caps

Wig caps are also available and you just have to put all of the hair in the wig cap and then cover your hair with it, you may have t glue it down with your skin or scalp and then you can wreak the wig over it and this gives the smoothest surface. They are usually made of the material which stockings are made of.

If you ha the shorter hair all of this will be even easier for you and you can place your wig right on this way.

Things to know while wearing wigs

Following are the few things that you should learn while wearing your hair under and wig.

  • You should always moisturize your hair even if it won’t be exposed to the environment you have to protect them from a lot of other things and that includes while wearing them under the wig.
  • Cleanse regularly when you are wearing your hair under a wig. If you don’t have to show your hair that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cleanse them. You should definitely cleanse them no matter what so you don’t get any scalp or hair problems.
  • Dry your hair before wearing a wig. Whenever you are covering your hair make sure they are completely dry because otherwise, you will be just straight out damaging your hair and scalp as well.
  • Wig cap or liner should definitely be worn no matter what style you are wearing underneath so that your hair can be protected and it is even better if it is a silk liner.

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