how to shape eyebrows

Face cut and skin tones all these things play a very important is to determine the other features of ours
and that is why you need to learn how to shape eyebrows according to your face shape. Once you have owns your face shape you will be able to do a lot of things according to the shape. You have to make one of the face features if you’re a standard and that is because you can’t change the shape of that whole you can definitely change the shape of the eyebrows. You can change the shape with a lot of the eyebrows equipment’s and products which you can buy from Megorgeous. Following are some of the
face shapes and which type of eyebrows will look best on them.

Rectangular face

A rectangular face is quite wide along with being long and with this type of face shape, you will have
to choose the eyebrow shape that isn’t very long and that is because having a longer eyebrow will just
add more width to your face so going or something shorter is the good choices.

Heart shaped face

When you have a heart-shaped face the this means if you go for the arched it will accentuate your hear
faced features and if you don’t then you will have to look for straight but slightly arched eyebrows.

Round face

With a round face, most people make the mistake of getting the round shaped eyebrows because with this your face will look even more round. You can go for the slightly curved eyebrow but make sure it isn’t that round. A soft eyebrow will make your face look beautiful.

Square face

With the square face, you will have to get the square and straight eyebrows get done so that it can
complement your face shape.

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