how to Shape Eyebrows

How to Shape Eyebrows is a great skin and you have to learn and practice it a lot till you perfect it Having the tin and scarce eyebrow is a problem that most of us face and to solve that problem there are a lot of the eyebrow products that are available and these products allow you to tweeze them and then fill them up. To get this done right you need to right tools from a good online store and a guide on how to do it well. Following is the guide on shaping your eyebrows.

Sculpt them

To sculpt your eyebrows you have to make sure that it matches the symmetry of your facial features.
You can do it with the help of the scale and your eyebrows should start in the straight line to the start of
your nostril and should end at the point where the line, that intersects end of eye and nostril, points.

Trim and tweeze

Now trim your eyebrows using a scissor and the comb and then you can start tweezing the extra hair.
You can also outline your eyebrows with some pencil to get the perfect shape.

Soothing cream

Now you should apply the soothing cream so that redness will go away and you can also use Aloe Vera

Fill in

Once done with all that use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your eyebrows.

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