Determining the Curl Pattern and the Elasticity

Using hair extensions is not all about applying them but with hair extensions comes to a great
responsibility of taking care of them and how can you store them. When you buy hair extensions from
an online store or any other store you buy them brand new but with the time these extensions starting
to wear out and then their shelf life keeps decreasing but if you want to make sure that these extensions
last longer than you will have to care for them and that means storing them properly. Following is how
you can store your hair extensions.

Wash them before

Before you have decided to store your hair extensions you will have to wash them with the softest
shampoo and deep absorbing hair conditioner that will keep them smooth and soft. Don’t ever leave
your hair extensions dirty because with all that dirt and grime the bacteria and other microorganisms
can make a home there this ruining your hair extensions.

Cover them

After washing an completely drying them you will have to cover them in the cover that comes along with
them and makes sure that they are stored straight otherwise you will find them difficult to wear next

Hang them

Hanging hair extensions is better because then they will be stored straight.

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