How to straighten hair without heat

Even if you have accepted your natural curls you still will need to straighten your hair sometimes. But using straighteners more often can cause a lot of the heat damage. Some of the people have stubborn curly hair which is why they have to use the high heat to get them straight. But it looks better temporarily and would damage your hair a lot. So what you need to do is to look for the heatless methods to straighten your hair. You might be using the hair styling products for that which you can buy from the online stores like Megorgeous.


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Heatless hair straightening

So now coming back towards hair straightening. There are different ways you can get straight hair in a heatless method. Following are some of the heatless methods by which you can get the straight hair

Wrap your hair

Warping your hair around your head is the best and the easiest method to get straight hair. You can just dampen your hair and wrap them so they are straight. Allow them to stay like that all night and don’t remove the pins until they are completely dry. Also, spray a little bit of the straightening spray or any other such products that will allow your hair to stay like that for a longer period.

Use rollers

You must be thinking using rollers is no way to get straight hair. But if you can use the bigger rollers they will allow your hair to get straight. This way your hair will look like they have been blown dry.

Cool blow drying

If you want a completely blown dry look you can also go for the cool blow-drying. There are blow dries that allow you to do all you will have to do is to change the setting of your blow-drier. After that, you just have to go with what you routinely do. But one thing that you should do is that you should use some products with this method. You can use the anti-frizz products because your hair might get frizzy by it.

Elastic method

The elastic method is also an effective method to get completely straight and better-looking hair. You can use the hair bands you have at home from that, Toe your hair in the ponytail and then section the hair in the ponytail. Apply rubber bands to this and do it while your hair is wet and sprayed with the anti-frizz products. Once your hair is dry you can remove it.

Spray your hair with some holding product afterward no matter what method you go for. Also, make sure to spray your hair with the anti-frizz products or the natural oils as well. All of this will help you achieve the perfect final look. And your hair will look like they have been straightened by the iron. The benefit of all these methods is that you can now get straight hair without any damage. Another important thing is that you can now alter your hairstyles without the fear of any hair damage.

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