How to style type 2 curls

Type 2 curls are the type of curls in which it is easy for you to lose the definition and that is something n curly-haired person wants. So if you have that type of curls you can either by the products that have the real stronghold on your clumps and you can buy many such products from the online stores like Megorgeous. But of not that them you can go for the different updo and here is how you can style your hair in that.

Before styling

Before you tie your hair up in the updo you have to still use the product. If you are dealing with the freshly cleansed hair then use a leave-in conditioner as well as a style holding product. When you are tying your hair in an updo you have to make sure that you don’t use the extra clumping products because when you comb through them or part them during the style they will mess up with your whole look and it will not look neat at all. Now if you are dealing with the hair on the second day of the wash you will have to moisturize it a bit and diffuse them before you style them.

Use of bobby pins

You can also use a couple of bobby pins to pull the hair back from your face and also to secure the tendrils that have escaped. But don’t pull your hair while applying them because that will disrupt the curl pattern and same goes for the usage of a comb and brush. Se the one that is flexible so that you don’t disrupt your curl pattern. Also when you are removing a bobby pin you have to be careful and once it’s removed you have to spray it with a curl refresher.

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