How to Style Your Hair with Extensions are a great responsibility and if you want them to retain their quality in which they originally were. You have to take proper care of them by keeping them clean and untangled. You can style your hair extensions after washing them either by air drying them or by using the blow dryers and the hair straighteners or curlers. IF you have the human hair extensions that you can buy from the then you need to use less heat on them to prevent any type of hair breakage or damage.

Air dry styling

Following are some of the ways you can style your hair extensions by air drying them
 You can go for the fishtail waves by organizing the damp hair extensions in a hair extension holder and then start braiding it into a fishtail braid. Allow them to dry like that and when dry. you will get the beautiful fishtail and voluminous waves.
 You can also go for the beachy loose waves by opting for the three-part braid and allowing it to dry on its own.
 To get the rough look you can twist three partitions of the hair extensions and the end result will be the curly disheveled look.
 To have your straight hair you can just brush out the damp hair extensions and allow them to rest in a straight position as they dry.

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