hair loss

Being a curly-haired girl you should know what loss and if you don’t then it can be understood in a way that the work loss is derived from the dead loss and they are matted strands of the hair. you ca either for the hair loss by twisting your curls there and giving them time to get matted of overtime the loss develop on our own and you don’t have to detangle your hair, you can decide which type of hair loss you want. The only thing that you don’t have to do while taking care of your loss is to not detangle them otherwise you have to follow your basic hair care routine which includes cleansing and conditioning and there are some loss specific hair care products as well and you can get it from the online stores like Megorgeous.


Before we can start with the hair care of locs we should know that we can buy all the hair care items from this online store and you can also find the hair accessories that you may need here. Moreover, that’s not what all that this store is about and you can find other beauty items like makeup and other accessories as well.

Taking care of hair loss

Now coming toward the hair loss care following g is what you need to do

Avoid Petroleum containing products

Petroleum is the worst thing ever for your hair loss and should be avoided at all costs, in fact, you should also avoid any other waxy products for your loss because they may have the petroleum in it. The products you should use should not stay behind after rinsing which is not the case with petroleum because some residue is always trapped under the loss and that is why the petroleum residue will prevent the loss to set in place.

Buy good standard products

While your hair is in locs they are at greater risk of getting damaged and people make it worse by neglecting them. Just because your hair is in loss doesn’t mean you dint have to use good and standard hair care products because your hair should stay healthy. You should avoid getting cheaper products which are of no good quality because they will just make your hair look worst within or without the hair loss.

Sleep on silk

Now wit loss you don’t want your hair matted together in one giant mess because that will just make your hair look like a nest so what you need to do is to avoid getting all the loss matted together and that can be done when you are using the silk pillow or even silk bonnets if you don’t have the silky pillowcases. Other types of pillows will also result in more hair fall and that means more hair will come off when you are opening you are a loss.

Let the loss loose

You should never tie your hair too tight because that will cause balding as due to pressure the hair starts to pull and recede behind. SO this is why when you tie your loss too tight you would end up damaging your own hair. Make sure they are loose at the edges the most.

Never color your hair

If you want to dye your hair you should do it before the hair loss but even if now you want to do it then it can be done with the hair loss and you will be getting the hair dye done by the help of an expert. Trying to do it on our own will lead to more claustrophobic situations

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