Skin is the most sensitive part of the body which should be treated in a gentle and polite way. Skin can get damaged from the harsh weather or humid climatic conditions which make the skin cause a lot of damage. There can be some dry patches or other allergies can be caused. In such case never use any
kind of chemical treatment or do not rub your skin roughly with the scrub.

Using scrub while having dry skin patches may harm your skin

If you already having some kind of allergies of the dry skin patches on your face then never go for a scrub or any other kind of harsh treatment because such things cause more damage to your face as the skin of the face is much more sensitive than any other part of your body. In such cases always use some light treatment like moisturizing your skin or use some cleansers to wipe the dirt off so that you can protect your skin further. From an online store, you can get a large type of cleansers of moisturizers which will try their best to protect your skin in the gentlest way.

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