Bronzer should not be used as a contour but is used on skin parts where the sun can hit and give your skin a natural touch. Bronzer must be used on the forehead, nose, and cheeks. Bronzer only adds the natural beauty on your skin. You can get the bronzer according to your choice from an online store.

Steps of how to apply bronzer

First of all, wash your face with distilled water so that all the impurities can get off of your face after that use a moisturizer so that your skin can look soft after your makeup is done. Then use any kind of concealer on your face so that all the flaws and the wrinkles can be hidden properly.

How to Use Bronzer

Then use a foundation that matches your skin color and gives you a natural look. And make it sure that you blend it properly with the brush otherwise it will not look up to the mark. Then give a light coat of your bronzer on your forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines so that it can make the features of your face look prominent. In the end, blend it properly, now you are all ready to apply the colours on your lips, eyes, and cheeks for more makeup.

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