To do a proper foundation on your face you must know what brush to use at what time and how to use it properly so that your makeup can be blended properly. You can get all the types of foundation brushes from an online store. These types of brushes are as follows:

For liquid foundation

For liquid foundation the brush used is long and at the end, it is in the C like shape so the liquid can blend in a proper way.

For cream foundation

For the cream foundation, the brush used is a little hard and is big in size so that the cream can be blended properly.

For powder foundation

For powder foundation, the brush used is big in size but it is really very soft to use so that the excess the powder can be easily taken off.

For under eye concealer

The brush that has been used for concealer is small in size but it is hard from the top. Because concealer is very difficult to blend that is why it needs a hard brush.

For blemish concealer

This brush is also hard but the only difference here is that it is longer than the brush for under eye concealer.

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