use Finishing Powder

As by the name we can see that it must have to be used after all the makeup done on your face. Finishing powder is really very easy to use the best thing about it is that we can also use it on our bare skin so that it can soak all the oil and shine off of your face and gives you a smooth and beautiful look.
You can buy any type of finishing powder from an online store that matches your skin type and skin color. As this finishing powder is mostly available in light colors so it is easy to use it for normal routine days, whenever you are not wearing any makeup.

How to apply it

Never apply finishing powder with a puff because puff never gives the powder a complete coverage, so always try to use brushes for the powder because it gives your skin a complete and proper coverage that will make you look beautiful and attractive. You can always try the big fluffy brush for it; the first thing to you to do is dip the brush a little in the powder and then remove the excessive amount of powder from it and then gently apply it on your face.

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