How to Wash Hair Extensions need the same amount of care that our natural hair does and to make sure they look good on you to have to keep them clean and washed. You need to wash your hair extensions not as often as your hair but quite frequently for them to look good. Washing your hair extensions right after use will do good for you because then they won’t stay dirty for long. Hair extensions can be synthetic or the human hair and you can buy them from any store like the

Washing Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are washed just like your natural hair but still, the method is a little different and
following is how you can wash them
 You will first have to detangle your hair extensions with a wide tooth comb and if you have
some stubborn knots in your hair extensions then you need to use the detangling spray or even
some conditioner.
 Now sink your hair extension in the water and make sure not to dip till the base and once they are wet lather some gentle shampoo on them. Make sure that the shampoo is sulfate free and is actually moisturizing.
 Once done with that wash your hair extension again with some warm water while running a wide tooth comb through them.

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