Many of the things that are found in nature help using many different ways and Turmeric is ion if them. It is a spice that is used in South Asian cuisine. This is one of the Ayurveda herbs, which is used in many of the scientific researches. It is used in Ayurveda medicine too and has great healing properties, which is why the use of the turmeric is so popular. The turmeric is the roots of the same plant from which ginger comes from. The turmeric powder is [produced by drying these roots and then turning them into the powder.

Uses of the turmeric for hair

The trimeric has the great uses for the hair and among some other herbs like amla and the henna, this has been in use for the hair care for quite some time. Following are some of the benefits that turmeric will provide to your hair.
 The turmeric is very good to fight the hair loss. The component of turmeric that helps to fight hair loss is the curcumin. This can be found in many hair care products that you can buy from online stores like Megorgeous.
 Turmeric has great antimicrobial properties, which will be great for your hair.
 It also has some of the anti-inflammatory properties, which can help your scalp to get rid of
dandruff and will soothe your scalp.

How to use turmeric

You can use turmeric in two different ways, which are as follows.
 You can take the turmeric in your meals like in the form of a turmeric tea or the turmeric
 Or you can use turmeric topically. To use it this way you have to mix it with olive oil some other
oil and apply it to your scalp and massage it gently on your scalp.

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