During your mensuration and even a week before your menstruation period starts you start to feel changes in your body and the skin and emotions are what that get noticed a lot. When you are about to get your menses a week before that your body starts producing the testosterones and the progesterone and the amount of estrogens stars decreasing and this due to presence of the testosterones your skin starts producing or oils and this affects your scalp and hair as well. When you are finally on your menses the number of testosterone is at its high and due to that the production of oils increase a lot and is at its highest.

Before and during periods

When the amount of oiliness on your skin and scalp increases your need to take more care of these things to avoid getting the pimples and with the hair, you need to co-wash your hair. Co-washing is a process where you condition your hair instead of shampooing with it and this way you can lean your hair without removing the moisture from them. You have to do that throughout your periods and the week before periods.

Po0st menstruation hair care routine

When the menstruation periods end the estrogens level starts increasing and that means your skin and hair scalp will start producing the fewer oils and that may lead to the dryness sometimes. So that is why you need to moisturize your hair a lot in that period. You should use the deep conditioners and the natural oils for your hair. You can get these products according to your hair type from any local store or an online store like Megorgeous.


During your pregnancy, you will go through the positive changes and will have more hair growth but right after pregnancy, you can experience a lot of hair loss. To avoid that you need to take care of yourself and your hair to which most of the mothers pay no heed.

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