IC - Hair Polisher Solid Ice Pomade

Hair styling products are most often damaging and make your hair brittle and make them lose the
texture but some of the hair styling products like IC- Hair polisher Ice pomade helps not only to style
your hair but will also provide them with necessary nutrition to make them healthier and better looking.
These products have to be hydrating in order to do that and with the necessary amount of the natural
ingredients you will get the healthy hair back in no time.

Advantages of using IC- Hair polisher Ice pomade

Following are some of the advantages of using the IC- Hair polisher Ice pomade
 It will soften your brittle and dried out hair by providing it with enough moisture to soften them.
 It will also add the texture to your hair making them look better when you style them.
 You can easily take your frizzy hair and can set them in a styled sleek look or you can also use it
make it define your curls.
 They will provide you hair with the extra sheen and is a very light product to use.
 There is no buildup of this product when you use it for too long.
 It is completely alcohol-free making it even better o be used on hair and it is water soluble
which means you can wash it off very easily when you want to.

Disadvantages of the IC- Hair polisher Ice pomade

Following are some the off points of this product which can serve as a reason for not buying this product
 This product will hold your hair I place but it doesn’t have a great hold on your hair so if you are
looking for that this is not the right product for you. Even after its use and styling our hair you
still will have a natural look.
 If you are used to liquid hair products you may find this a little stiff.
But since the advantages outweigh the disadvantages you can buy this product from Megorgeous.

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