hair loss

Is the belief that the curly hair is more prone to the fate of the hair loss is true? Yes, it is true but there are many reasons that cause the curly hair ton experience hair fall. Hair fall is one of the greatest hair
problems and it reaches to the dangerous levels. Taking care of your hair is very important so that you dint have to face the same problem. Hair fall is one of the problems that every one of us faces but it is
less in some people. Following are some of the reasons why hair loss is common in the curly hair as compared to the other hair types.


Having the curly hair you have tried many times exposing your hair to excessive heat to get them straight. You see a lot of the styling products for the very same reasons and that becomes the reason for
the hair loss.

Tight hairstyles

When you have curly hair you style your hair in the tight ponytails or the tight braids which becomes the reason for the hair loss and to avoid this let your hair breathe a little too.

Product buildup

For styling purpose, you also use the hair products which are harsh and also leave a lot of buildups behind and that doesn’t let your scalp breathe and thus becomes the reasons for the hair loss. So if you
use such products you should use the shampoos or other products that help you get rid of this buildup which you can buy from Megorgeous.

Not cleansing properly

If you don’t cleanse your hair the products buildup will stay there and that is also the case when you dint cleanse your hair regularly and that is more common in people with curly hair. Washing curly hair
required a lot of work but you should still cleanse your hair frequently.

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