heat dammage

It is the biggest problem of people with curly hairs because they undergo several hair treatments to satisfy themselves and enhance their look. They are facing problems with hair damage to scalp damage. And with time it causes serious problems like hair fall and allergy to your scalp. But it is an inevitable problem because you have to take care of your look with the care of the health of the scalp. Now the stylists are trying to provide you with heat-protective products. Which reduces the effect of heat on your hair?

Curly Hairs And Heat:-


As we all know that heat is not good for both curly and straight hairs but it is more damaging to curly hairs because curly hairs are more prone to any kind of damage. Heat causes the curly hairs to become:

  • It can make the curly hair frizzy which is the nightmare of every person with curly hairs.
  • Heat can damage your hair by making them weak which leads to the breakage of the hair.
  • Heat can also damage the health of your head as heat is not good for the health of your head.
  • It is also the main cause of hair loss.

Causes of heat damage:-


There are two types of heat damage such as:

  • Heat damage through using styling tools and types of equipment.
  • Heat damage by undergoing chemical treatments.

First of all heat damage through the styling tool is very common and it is the real issue because people use these tools regularly. Some of the examples are as follows:

  1. Using a Straightener is the leading cause of heat damage because the people with curly hair use an iron to straighten their hair for daily styling. It causes a lot of damage because of constant exposure to heat.
  2. Using A Blow Dry is also the main problem because people are getting used to these tools and they are using these tools regularly. In this, we use heating mood to dry our hair which causes a lot of damage to hairs.

Second, all the hair treatments we go through also cause a lot of damage to hairs. These treatments are not done regularly but they cause more damage because highly heated tools are used on chemically weakened hairs such as:

  1. Straightening Treatments are used to satisfy ourselves and make our hair more attractive but these treatments also damage hairs because constant heat is applied to hairs for a very long time.
  2. Hair Strengthening Treatments are used to give more health to people but they also use the heating element and it is the only side effect of these treatments.



There are many professional tips so that you can make your hair alive again such as:

  • Many hair masks are available to provide moisture to your hair. There is a certain moisturizing hair mask for extra damaged hairs.
  • Now heat damaged hair’s conditioners are also available and if you use your styling tools regularly then you can use these conditioners regularly.
  • Argan Oil is considered to be very effective for such hairs
  • Protein and keratin masks are also available to restore the health of your hair.
  • Many stylists recommend that you should do oiling for hair.
  • The best way is to stop using heating tools for a while or you can use them less often.

Keep In Mind:-


Hair straightening, blow-drying and chemically treating your is the need of every girl. So the less damaging way is that you should use a heat protectant every time you style your hair