cold shower best for your hair

Hair needs great care and even more than we usually give them. What we do in everyday life can affect a great deal like what kind of the products we use or how many times a week we wash out hair and
either we wash them with cold water or the hot water. It is known among most of the people that cold shower is better than the hot shower because supposedly the hot shower can dry out your hair and will
strip your hair as all the natural oils. So this is why people use cold water most often when it comes to the washing your hair but there is some truth to it while others are just myths. Following details will tell you if these myths are true or not.

Coldwater is a better cleanser

Coldwater is considered to be the great detoxifier which is why it is considered to be the better cleanser but that is just a myth with no truth to it. In fact, the hot water is what that breaks the bond between
the hair and dirt and excessive oils. Thus hot water is actually a better cleanser.

Coldwater to control the frizz

It is believed that cold water closes the cuticles of the hair and that is why the moisture won’t escape from hair and hair will stay frizz-free but that is not true as well. Coldwater won’t combat the frizz it’s
the hair porosity that controls the frizz and thus you are all dependent on frizz control hair products which you can buy from Megorgeous and not on the cold water.

Hot water vs. cold water

When you compare the hot water with cold water you should know that hot water does dry out your hair and as compared to that cold water won’t dry out your hair and also will maintain the strength. So
choose the neutral water for hair wash.

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