Keeping your bonnets and scarves cleanKeeping your bonnets and scarves clean

With curly hair routine washing your hair is not a common occurrence and that is all to prevent dryness. Curly hair has dry texture so they can get really dry when you wash it that often. Also with the curly hair, you have to go through the whole routine and that requires a lot of your time. But with this kind of practice, some people also end up not maintaining proper hygiene. Hygiene of any part of your body is important and that includes your scalp and hair as well. Just because you don’t have ty wash your hair that often doesn’t mean you should be careless otherwise too. You will also be in need of the good hair care products that you can buy from online stores like Megorgeous.


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How to maintain good hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene involves a lot more than just washing your hair. If the other things that you are using on your hair are not clean then you will be getting a lot of dirt and grime on your scalp. S what you need to do is that you should keep all the other things clean. The other things that are mostly in use of the curly girls are the bonnets and scarves. If you are going to protect your hair with a bonnet and scarf which is not clean then it is no use. Following is how you can clean your bonnets and scarves.

How often should you be cleaning them?

You should be cleaning your bonnet and scarf after every two weeks. Even though you don’t use it that often as using a clean one is very important. But if you use them regularly then make sure that you wash it at least once every 2 weeks. When you wear a whole lot of products in your hair some of them get absorbed by the scarves and bonnets. These products on the scarves need to go off because otherwise, they may harbour some microbial growth. This may even lead to scalp infections if you are not being careful

How to wash them

In order to ash your bonnet and scarves you can use the normal detergents, But to be safer you should be using something more gentle. The reason behind that is that your facial skin is more sensitive. so some chemicals in the detergent may be left behind. When these chemicals come in contact with your forehead can also cause the breakouts. The choice of products also depends on the type of hair products you use, if you use a lot of greasy products you will definitely be needing something strong to get rid of that.

Precautions while washing them

You want your scarves and bonnets to be very gentle. SO that is why you need to find a detergent that doesn’t alter that. If nothing is working you can use a fabric softener or you can just get rid of that particular bonnet or scarf. Another important thing is that when you are going through some infection then you need to wash it more often. In fact, you can’t use the same scarf twice then. Because this will just interrupt the healing process then.