what colour is my hair

Knowing what colour is my hair before you go dying them is very important and that is why you should do it. If you have to dye your hair in the natural hair colour you would want to know what your hair colour is exactly and to mimic your original hair look you will have to pick out the exact colour for
yourself. Most of the people like doing the original hair colour to cover out all the greys in their hair and in order to do that you have to find the right pick of your hair colour. Following is how you can know
what colour your hair is and then what you need to buy from online stores like Megorgeous.

Determine your hair colour

If you want to determine what your original hair colour is you need to do it from the roots, with
environmental pollution and the UV rays our hair colour including our skin colour changes and the hair
usually, go lighter with a lot of suns so you need to find your exact hair colour which can be done by
noticing the new grown out roots. You will first have to determine which category your hair colour
belongs to among blonde and brunette and once done you can match the shades that are present on
the hair colour charts to find out your original hair colour.

Dying your hair

Now when it comes to dying your hair if you are doing tide the greys in your hair then it would probably
be the best that you dye them a colour lighter and if you just still want the original hair colour you will
have to get the hair colour that is semi-permanent and it will cover up all the greys well enough.

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