mackup Foundation Replacement

To start your makeup you need to have the clean and flawless skin and that be achieved with the help of
a good foundation. Use of foundation is very common and it is the everyday part of most of the people.
To make sure that your foundation looks good on you should buy the shade that matches your skin or
you can buy the shade just one shade lighter than your skin so it can cover up all the dark spots. A
foundation with good coverage is exactly what you will need. But if you don’t want to wear foundation
every day then there are certain other replacements that you can wear.

BB cream

BB cream is basically a beauty balm it is very close to the foundation. Basically, this has very light
coverage and it will be covering the dark spots without making your skin look like it has the foundation
on and is very good for daily use.

CC cream

Scream is a color correcting cream and this cream is basically tinted with different colors and allow
your skin to get rid of the dark spots and blotchiness. It is also very great for everyday use.

Tinted moisturizer

Moisturizer should be the part of our skin care routine anyway so you can also use the tinted one as
replacement of the foundation. And you can find it on any online store easily.

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