Make your thin curls

Having curly hair means you should have some volume in your hair. It is exactly what you expect when you imagine having the curly hair. But with thinning hair, you, unfortunately, cannot get the volume you want to achieve. Scrunching your hair is what that can make your curls look thicker but then continuously touching your hair leads to the frizz and that is not a pretty look with the curls. SO you have to find the middle ground and that can be easily achieved.

Use of products

There are a few products that you can use to make your curls look thicker and also to control the frizz in your hair. Following are some of the types of products that you should be using

  • Hair products rich in proteins like conditioners and shampoos and even the hair treatments masks
  • Use the moisturizing shampoos and masks and even the deep conditioner so your hair can get the thickness with proper hydration.
  • Hair clips to make your roots look fuller and also the hair picks to make your curls voluminous.
  • A hair diffuser to diffuse your curls
  • A volumizing hair foam spray will also do the job of achieving the final look.

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Method of making your curls look fuller

You can make your curls look fuller by following the procedure below

  • Wash or just condition your hair with a protein conditioner and once done with that use a hair mask on them and also detangle them during that.
  • Now use the foam spray to part your curls so they can form their own clumps.
  • Use the clips on the already formed curls and use a steamer to get some steam in your hair.
  • With the help of a diffuser dry them out.
  • For the finishing, you can use an oil to apply lightly on the bottom of your curls.


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