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Cruelty-free products are those which are not tested on the animal and most of the makeup companies
make such products. Makeup products are usually tested on the animals to see if they are suitable or
not and a lot of the animals die in that process and most of the people support the activism against the
killing of animals for testing purposes because that is cruel. So for such people using the makeup
products becomes very difficult so for that purpose, there are brands that support this act and are
involved in making the cruelty free makeup products. These makeup products can be bought from
online stores like Megorgeous too.

Cruelty-free makeup brands

There are a lot of the brands that produce cruelty-free products because of their support to violence
against the animals. If people don’t support things like that then the species of animals will go rare and
we are already harming the enough with the environmental pollutions. So to avoid all that following are
some of the companies that make cruelty free products for which no animal life has been lost and for
which no animal went through the tests.

 Too Faced
 Urban Decay
 Cover FX
 Becca cosmetics
 Jane Iredale
 PIXI Beauty
 Marcelle
 Lush Cosmetics
 IT Cosmetics
 PUR Cosmetics
 Kat Von D
 Tarte Cosmetics
 Anastasia Beverly Hills
 Natasha Denona
 Lime Crime
 Colour Pop
 BH Cosmetics
 Milk Makeup
 Marc Jacobs Beauty
All these makeup brands are those which you must have heard of and they are involved in this process
of making the cruelty free products either from the start or have started doing it since the awareness
about it had spread.

Companies that produce vegan cosmetics

Now vegan cosmetics are those which are not made of any animal derivatives and some people are very
strict about that and that can be due to their belief or some allergic component. So there are some
makeup brands produce vegan products like
 Cover FX
 Milk makeup
 Jeffree Star
 Kat Von D

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