Making Cosmetics

Making cosmetics is something that you should do if you have proper skill but making cosmetics out of the already refined product is something that you can do at home and it should not be for the purpose
of the sale but for your own self. There are a lot of the things that you can make out of your old cosmetics and once you get involved in this you would, in fact, enjoy making your own cosmetic and skin care products. Skin care products are so easy to make and you can make it out of natural ingredients as you must have done it sometime. Following are some of the things that you can make at home.

Tinted lip balm

Tinted lip balm is so easy to make and for that, you will just have to add a small amount of your favourite lip colour in the petroleum jelly and store it in the lip balm container that you can buy from the online stores that are known for selling makeup and skin care products like Me gorgeous. You can also make it out of natural ingredients like coconut oil and juice of beetroot. Or you can use any other fruit that has coloured juice.


Scrubs are so easy to make and you can make them out of the sugar and also with the help of the coffee,
Coffee scrubs are the best because they give your body such a beautiful glow and you can u use any oil
or even aloe gel as the base of that scrub.

The compact form of any cosmetic product

You can make a compact out of any cosmetic product that is present in the form of loose powder or even the cracked and broken compact. For broken compact, you can crush them in fine powder and then add the liquid alcohol in it. Pour it in a compact pan and press it covering it with a tissue. Allow it to dry so it can form a compact shape.

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