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When it comes to the hair oils most of the people just straight-up dislike the idea. While on the other hand most of the people with the oily scalp believe that their oily scalp doesn’t need any oil. All of th9is has led to a major belief against no using the hair oils. But not using these hair oils on our scalp is causing us a lot of the damages. Even if the absence of the hair oils is not benefiting but it is not helping our cause too. If you want to maintain the healthy scalp you will have to make sure to make habit of using these hair oils. You can also find the products containing these hair oils. Such products are available in online stores like Megorgeous.


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Hair oils misconceptions

There are different types of oils that are being used for the hair and scalp. Some of the hair oils are meant for the scalp purposes while others for the hair. You can make the use of these hair oils your habit because they are really that good. Using these hair oils you will be able to see a noticeable change in your hair and scalp health. But there are also some of the popular beliefs that are against the use of the hair oils. The following are some of these misconceptions about the use of hair oils.

Oils are heavy

No oils are heavy but that doesn’t mean all are alike. You can use the coconut oil and it absorbs in your strands right in, this will give your hydration and a good supply of some nutrients. This is really beneficial for your hair and will provide them with shine along with the nourishment.

Sebum is enough

Now sebum and hair oils are two different things, even though both are the lipid-based out still the consistency and the benefits of both are different. Sebum only acts as a protectant on your skin. On the other hand, the hair oils will also be giving our good amount of hydration and the nutrition to your hair.

Greasy look

Oils being lipid in nature may make you look oily. But you should know how much of the amount can you use. If you can use a very small amount it will just be adding some shine and protective coating to your hair. So make sure you are using the fair amount to avoid that greasy look in your hair.

Oils shouldn’t be on hair

Now people have this great misconception that oils don’t belong in hair. Just like our whole skin our scalp and hair need the oils too. The oils will lubricate the cuticles and will also moisturize the inner core of the hair as well.

Hair oils are the same

As you already have known that some oils are heavy while others are not. You should also know that all of the oils have different properties. They not only lubricate and moisturize your hair but will also be providing them with nutrition.

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