Mistakes we make for our transitioning relaxed hair

Relaxed hair is something most pf the curly and wavy hair people go through. But as we know it takes a lot of effort to relax this type of hair and in order to do that, you have to use a lot of chemicals. All these chemicals and the heat that is used in relaxing our hair cause a lot of damage in your hair, so to make sure your hair still looks good and is in a healthy state you need to take good care. You can take good care pf your hair by using good hair care and hair styling products. All of that you can buy from online stores like Megorgeous. You also need to avoid making the mistakes that people usually make with the relaxed hair and that ends up causing more distress.


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Transitioning Relaxed hair mistakes

As we know that relaxed hair has already done through a lot of damage so it will affect your hair health, it way also changes the way your hair looks and that is why you need the change of habits. Following are some of the mistakes that people make and you should avoid

Brushing dry hair

Rushing dry hair is something that can damage your hair a lot, it will destroy the overall look of your hair as well. You need the sleekness when you have the relaxed hair bur when you brush dry hair they get all frizzy. The stands as you know are already weak might even break.

Use of drying products

Relaxed hair needs the fair amount of moisture in the hair and the lack of moisture will easily damage your hair strand. So what you need to do is to avoid using the drying products. Even though some provide a great hold but they are not good for your hair and you need to avoid that.

Use of mineral oils

The use of oils and moisturizing products may make your hair look greasy. You should be using simple moisturizers in your hair but some people knowing the dryness ratio start using the mineral oils as well. So if you want to avoid that greasy look you need to let go of these products. Use of these products might be good when your hair is in a relaxed state but no it may just affect your curls.

Using heat on the dry unconditioned hair

You may also be using the heat on the dry unconditioned hair. This is something you should always avoid doing no matter which state your hair is in. when people have relaxed hair they don’t feel the need to straighten their hair much. So even if they do they do it on dry hair to make it quick as they don’t have to use much of the heat. But you should be careful of that and make sure to always condition your hair.

Silicone products

The use of silicon product as a heat protectant is alright sometimes. But everyday use can make your hair more drying and may affect them badly.

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