Moisturizing Curly hair without weighing them down

Moisturizing curly hair is very important but can be very challenging at the same time. The reason why moisturizing your hair can be challenging especially in the case of curly hair is the moisturizer can weigh your curls down. When you think of curls you expect more of the bouncy and curly hair look but with all heavy moisturizers, all you get are the flat curls. This is not the kind of look people usually go for. But you still can’t let go of the moisturizing part as it is an important part of your routine. The type of moisturizer also depends on what type of curls you are getting. If you get a lightweight moisturizer you can have better-looking curls.


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Moisturizing your curls

Moisturizing your curls is very important. Curly hair has a very dry texture which is why a good moisturizer is a must in such a case. So, what you need to do in order to give your hair all that moisture and retain curls is to find different ways. Following are some of the way you can make sure your curls aren’t weighed down

Use appropriate conditioners

Based on the thickness of your hair you have to use a conditioner that is appropriate for your hair. If you have the thicker hair you can go for the heavy conditioners. But if you have thin hair you will be weighing down your hair a lot. You need to lose the buttery and heavy conditioners with thinner curls.

Moisturizing ends instead of roots

Moisturizing ends is important as compared to roots when you moisturize the roots the curls get weighed down and your hair looks flatter. Also, it is your ends that are more exposed to the environment and get dry easily. So, make sure to concentrate on those parts when you are moisturizing your hair.

Make essential oils an important part of your hair routine

Essential oils can be a very important part of your hair care routine. Using these oils will give your hair a lot of benefits and moisture is one of them. Some of the essential oils are very lightweight and that is why you should be using in your curls. When you use the heavier oils, they will make your curls look flat and you will lose the volume as well.


Of you are not the fan of using the hair oils in your hair because often the risk of getting your curls to flatter you can use pre-poo. Pre-poo oils can be a great way to moisturize your curls without weighing them down. Pre-poo will also help you lose the product buildup which is responsible for making your curls look flatter.

Protein treatment

A protein treatment is just what your hair needs in such situations. The reason why you need the protein in your hair is that you need a good foundation before you can add moisture in your hair. This will help retain the moisture. This will also be a great help in absorbing the moisture in your hair.

All these things are important when you need moisture and better-looking curls as well.