Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial

Multicolour eyebrows are something that we have seen a lot in last month of June which is celebrated
as pride month and that is why you need to get the multicolour eyebrow makeup tutorial. With the
makeup from eyebrows here is a lot of the eyebrows products coming out. You can now see the
eyebrow gels and even the peel off eyebrow masks with tint and when you remove then they leave their
tint behind. You can get all these eyebrow products very easily from different online cosmetics stores
and you can also get some of them from the Megorgeous. Following is the multicolour eyebrow tutorial.

Gather everything you need

You at first should get all of your eyebrow products and that includes your multicolour eyeshades that
you want to use in your eyebrows and that most include the colours that are the part of the rainbow.
You can also get any gel colour if you have them. Along with that, a good eyebrow angled brush and
a comb will help you a lot.

Brush your eyebrow hair

You will have to first brush your eyebrow hair and that means you will have to make sure that they are
all combed out and are spread well. Hey, should be combed out in such a way that they should be
pointing upward.

Outline using the eyeshades

You should use the eyeshades with best pigments and they start making the rainbow on the lower line
of your eyebrows and make sure they form a gradient just like it is in the rainbow.

Use gel colours

Now you should be using the pigmented gel and that means you will have to coat your eyebrows with it
and make sure all of your hair is covered in it.

Set with the eyeshades

Now you will have to draw the upper line and also you will have to fix the eyebrows using the eyeshades
and this will cover any remaining hair as well in that particular colour.
Once done wipe off the products that have gotten out of the eyebrow line.

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