Natural Hair Shrinkage

Different people have different types of hair. Some people have long and soft hair, some people have curly and strong hair, and some have shrinkage hair. Shrinkage is totally normal and also the sign of healthy hair. All types of hair demand one thing that is care. If you don’t care about your hair then you can lose them and you can also lose your attractive look. Megorgeous is the online store site that gives you caring products for your hair.

Is shrinkage is the sign of unhealthy hair

If you think that shrinkage of hair is the sign of unhealthy hair then you are wrong. Because shrinkage is the natural process, in which your hair expand when they are wet and shrink when they dry.  Curly hairs can shrink up to 90%. Shrinkage hair is the sign of healthy hair. It shows that your hairs are moisturized and they have good elasticity. Many consider shrink hairs as the sign of unhealthy hair and they don’t like it. And also to expand them they use harmful chemicals that make their hairs weak. It is not true that shrink hairs can damage your look, but the truth is shrinking hairs cannot damage your look. So stop using harmful chemicals on your hairs. Stretching is bad for your hair if you do it in limits but if you do it more times it can damageable for you.

Is stretching is bad for your hair

Stretching is the technique or method by which you expand the length of your hair. Some people do it by using chemical and by heat machines and some people do it naturally. Choose of way depends upon you. If you choose the way of chemical it is harmful to you. But if you do it naturally it is not harmful to you.

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