Differentiate between Hair Loss and Hair damage

Hair is such an important part of the visible personality that we do everything we can to avoid hair loss or to reverse the effects of hair loss. Among all the hair problems that happen hair loss is the worse and
every other problem in one way or another leads to the hair loss. But to prevent that we use different hair care products and even some ingredients from nature have proven themselves to be very helpful
when it comes to treating hair loss. Some of the herbs which are not commonly used have proven themselves to be the remedy for the hair loss and following are some of them.

Bitter apple

Bitter apple is a plant which is used for a lot of the medicinal purposes like for the treatment of some types of cancer and even in the osteoporosis but the glycosides in this also help with the hair growth.
Due to this fruit being so potent if you are considering using it as a supplement you should contact your doctor first.

Amla Berry

Amla berry is very well known for the hair care and it is, in fact, the part of many hair care products that you can easily find on the online stores like Megorgeous. This berry helps to produce the collagen and it,
as a result, will thicken your hair and make them stronger.


Silicia is not only good for the hair but is also great for the skin and bones. It has great antiaging and strengthening properties. It increases the blood flow on the scallop and it also strengthens the blood
vessels so you can get the maximum nutrition.


Rhodiola is another herb great for your hair and it helps combat the hair loss. You can easily found the hair products containing this specific herb.

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