Applying your lipstick and ten reapplying it after some hours again while in between your lips are only half covered or have smeared lipstick on is annoying. So we all would appreciate the tips and tricks that can get us the long-lasting lipstick without having to reapply it for longer duration. Following is how you can make your lipstick long lasting.


You need to start with smooth lips and that can be achieved by exfoliating your lips and for that, you can use lip scrubs and even the toothpaste and after keeping the paste on for like 10 minutes you can wipe it off which will give you smooth lips.


Now you need to apply a dab of foundation or concealer and that will provide you with canvas to work on and with smooth lips, your foundation will stick to your lips.


You need to contour your lips which means applying a darker shade than your lipstick on the outline of your lips. You can go a little beyond your outline so your lips will appear bigger than usual and will give you’re a picture-perfect pout.

Long lasting lipstick

Now you can finally go for a Matt lipstick or can also choose a liquid long-lasting lipstick which is available from different stores like any online store.

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