Nightmare of People having Curly Hairs

The biggest problem of people having curly hair is that when they have to deal with the frizzy hairs. It is the situation in which hairs do not align with other hairs and give a very rough and messy look. Now there are products are available to reduce the frizz or treatments are available to eliminate the frizz. There are three main reasons for fizzy hairs:

  • Genetics
  • Hair damage
  • Humidity factor

Extensive care is required to deal with frizzy hairs because they are very prone to damage. Shampoo and hair conditioner is especially available for frizzy hair.

Causes of frizziness:-

There are some main reasons for hair to become frizzy:

Washing your hair with Hot Water:-

Some of the people wash their hair with very hot water which is very dangerous for the health of your head and also for your hair. It feels very soothing while taking a bath with hot water and in the meantime, the hot water is removing the layer of essential oils from your hairs which is very important for your hairs.

Applying heat on the hairs:-

It is terrifying to hear that the use of a straightener is very damaging and it might be the reason for your frizzy hair. To avoid this damage you have to:

  • Stop using heating tools for your hair
  • If it is necessary then you should use heat protective products to avoid any damage from the heat.

Choose your shampoo wisely!

You are washing your hair regularly and your formula of shampoo is not suitable for your hair and it is making your hair drier. It is more likely that washing your hair daily with harsh shampoo will damage your hair.

Get rid of your Split Ends:-

You should trim your hair regularly so that you don’t get split ends because these are the main reason for frizzy hairs. If frizz stick for too long then it can travel way up the length of the hairs.

Are you using proper clothing for your hair?

Do not wrap your hair in rough towels because friction may cause abrasive damage to the hair or your hairs may be tangled.

Try to switch with smooth towels.



You should use sulfate-free shampoo. It helps to maintain the level of your natural hair oil. Sulfate shampoo can cause your hair to become dry.

Use shampoo with glycerin in it. It helps to combat frizz by penetrating the hair and hydrate them from inside out. Glycerin shampoo also creates a protective coating on the hair.

Conditioner is your Best Partner:-

All the people concerned with hairs will always tell you that you should use a conditioner for your frizzy hair. They also recommend that you should apply the conditioner from mid-length and try to avoid the roots while applying it because it can cause oiliness in your hair.

Use a hydrating mask:-

The hydrating mask prevents the cuticle from your to opening up. You should at least use a hydrating mask 1 time a week.

You should also use coconut oil or castor oil which are best for frizzy hairs. Some of the homemade hair masks are also available and you can use them as a substitute for hair conditioner.

When to use Blow Dryer?

When your hairs are 90% dry then you should blow dry your hair to avoid any damage to hairs. They also recommend that you should diffuser as an extension to your blow-dry so that direct heat has less impact on your hair.

Golden Tip!

You can use a mascara wand with hair spray to cover a small area of frizz in your hair. This technique is used by most of the celebrities and hairstylist.