Oil Free Skin can cause a lot of the skin problems like the skin breakouts and it will also ruin the after look of your makeup. Taking care of the skin is very important and that’s why you need to redefine your skin care routine o that you can keep your Oil Free Skin this summer. Following are some of the ways you can do that.

Cleanse lightly

When you are cleansing your face with the harsh face washes your face’s natural oils will be stripped away and will cause your skin to go in overdrive and produce more oil. So use a gentle face wash for your face and try not to rub it on your face for long.


If you dint moisturize your skin the face will produce its natural oils and thus it will ruin your makeup look and may also lead to the opening of pores and thus causing breakouts. Find the best face moisturizer from the online store and keep your skin moisturized.

Less use of dairy products

Ice cream sure seems like a good choice in summer but more dairy products you use the more oil your skin will produce.

Use a primer

You can also buy a mystifying primer before foundation or can opt for the milk of magnesia in places where oil is produced more.

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