This product is most efficient in enriching and maintaining hairs. Mostly consumers with curly hairs use this product. It is increasingly used in western countries by males and females alike. Most girls are very conscious of their health and appearance. And this product most certainly provides nutrients to the hairs making them strong and healthy.

The olive oil is an important ingredient of this product which helps promote the scalp health, hair massaging and increase the flow of blood to the hair follicles which increases the hair growth. It also reduces dandruff though it cannot completely end it the maximum percent of dandruff can be gone by olive oil.

Other ingredients include ghee butter, beeswax, coconut oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, stearic acid, fragrances, and other essentials, etc.

The coconut oil is another important and useful ingredient for hairs. It moisturizes the hairs, fights against dandruff and lice, etc. It provides shine to the hairs and prevents hair fall. The beeswax is used on damaged and dead hairs. The stearic acid works as a conditioner for hairs and protects hairs from dirt in the environment.

This product is made to provide hair treatments for damaged hairs mostly. The main aim is to maintain the moisture of the hairs as well as provide shine to it. It is actually a pomade which is rich with moisture. It works to eliminate the hair frizz.

For the hair textures of 4A as well as 4C, this product has proved extremely useful. For maximum result use this product every day. Professionals use this product for hairstyling and adding shine. It is so light weighted that it does not weigh hairs down. It is put on dry hairs through rubbing by both hands.


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