detangling of toddler’s Hair

Detangling curly hair is a painful process and you break a lot of hair during that. As adults, you hate the detangling curly hair and you can’t even begin to imagine how much the kids hate that. As we know toddlers whine about anything and this is something they completely hate so you definitely need to know a few tips on how to detangle your toddler’s hair. You need to use the hair detangling products that are suitable for your toddler’s hair and you can easily buy it off online stores like Megorgeous. Following are some of the tips for that

Preoccupy them

The best thing that you can do while detangling your toddler’s hair is to give them anything just to preoccupy them because while they are occupied by them you will be able to do it without any interruption and whines.

Use the products suitable for them

Using the products that are suitable for your kids is the best choice because their hair can’t afford to be damaged at such a young age. Make sure the conditioner you are using has the extra slip in it so that detangling is easy for yours as well as your kids.

Don’t let the hair get tangled much

Tying your kid’s hair in a braid or a bun can help avoid getting their hair tangled and go for the styles that are comfortable for them as well.

Make them use a satin

Use satin pillowcases and the satin bonnets for them as it will help out the dryness and the breakage that becomes the reason for the tangled hair and that makes the detangling difficult.

Wide-tooth comb

Use a wide-tooth comb so that you can ease out the tangles slowly and also start from the bottom. Use a lot of detangling sprays if it is needed.


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