Perfect Eyebrows

Every feature of yours should be according to your face and when it comes to the Perfect Eyebrows it is
definitely one of those features. To get your Perfect Eyebrows shaped according to your face is very important so that everything on your face can look proportionate and everything can draw the shame attention instead of the focus of the people to just one of the face feature. Having good eyebrows which are well shapes and trim is something that everyone wants and if you have that you want to flaunt it. So before you can grab your tweezers from an online store to shape your eyebrows you need to understand which will look better on you.

Heart faced shape

If you have a heart faced shape then make sure you don’t go for very thick eyebrows because even
though they are in the fashion they will bigger on your small face so go for something that is not too
thick and neither too thin.

Square Jaw

Now with the square jaw, you can have very thick eyebrows to match the bottom of your face and it will
look beautiful.

Diamond face shape

If you have diamond face shape then you need to go for curved eyebrows so that your face angles can
be balanced.

Rectangular face

This type of face needs shorter eyebrows.

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